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Namaste is a salutation of respect and reverence.
It conveys that we are the same and we are one.

This project is an initiative to spread the conscious message of love, hope, and what the possibilities are when you bring these ethereal elements into your life and work culture. More than 35 countries are coming together and folding hands in solidarity for peace, upliftment, and respect for one another, acknowledging each other’s presence, and saying Namaste.

Conscious Global Revival

 Are you unable to express yourself? Do you feel misunderstood? Is your quest for peace and calm exhausting you?

We care, understand, and emphasize that you are not alone and your existence matters. Join our conscious global revival initiative – Say Namaste to feel encouraged, motivated, and know that we are together in this.

As the first Indian woman to be globally recognized as a public speaker and the first Indian to be endorsed by Les Brown, Shradha spreads the message of love and hope around the globe. As founder of Shradha WTB, she brings her top-notch training and experience as a relationship speaker & coach. Through her self designed F.A.I.T.H system, she delivers keynotes, togetherness workshops, and forums around the globe. Her audience is riveted when she introduces them to the future of relationships and collaboration in the virtual world.

The author of her international bestselling book: Witness The Breakthrough, Shradha helps couples intensify their love, teaching them how to stay committed in a relationship without losing self respect.

Born in rural northern India, Shradha’s humble beginnings shine throughout her compassion for others, her strive for greatness, and her ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life.

In her non stop pursuit of pulling herself out of her personal traumas, she has established herself as an expert and leading authority motivating others to live a fulfilling life of peace and calm.

Strymphony Music Entertainment Private Limited is a dynamic music entertainment company conceived, conceptualized and launched in India. It is a one stop solution for all sorts of music needs of users including but not limited to music production, distribution on national/international streaming platforms (Gaana, JioSaavn, Wynk, Spotify, iTunes etc.), music marketing, music copyright etc.

The company seeks to be a market leader in promoting national, regional, bollywood and international music by providing a platform for talented and unrecognized singers. It aims to bring music enthusiasts together from across the globe to relieve their stress, garner peace via music, spread the message of love and respect, and network with other like minded individuals. One of the key focus areas of the company is to deliver quality entertainment through online contests, musical concerts in future, introducing unrecognized talent and bring it to the forefront.

Strymphony Music Entertainment will be facilitating users to create content that stimulates their senses, feeds their imagination and captures the heart and mind of musicians all over the world.

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Conscious Global Revival

The fall, the rise

The resurrect, the demise

Is inevitable as we keep sailing through,

Get up get going, and never ever give up on You!



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