How to become a part of Say Namaste

Gwenno Dafydd

Welsh Ambassador and official spokesperson for the global ‘Say Namaste’ Project
Leadership and Public Speaking Coach | Freelance Professional Broadcaster and writer with the BBC since 1980

Gwenno’s personal challenge to the whole wide world is that all 195 countries come together in unity and share a small video with us and support us in marking 1st January 2021 as “Say Namaste Day”. There are 3 very simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Come on camera and record your videos against a beautiful background showing our precious world in all its glory.
  2.  Join your hands and make the prayer symbol, and Say Namaste.
  3. Talk about the location featured in your video.

Anyone can be part of this project, you can include your family, friends, acquaintances or any famous people you may know. Let’s unite the world in 2021 and mark it as the year of ‘Namaste’. All videos received by midnight of 20th December will be included in the next phase of this phenomenal project. Some of the videos will be revealed on the 27th December, building up to the big launch at midnight of 31st December 2020 (IST) by Duncan Wardle – Former Head of #Innovation & #Creativity at @Disney, followed by releasing all the videos!  Until then, be a part of this incredibly exciting unifying project and start making your videos.

How to become a part? watch the videos!

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